Our Philosophy

Innabubble’s Philosophy of the Bubble.

The company’s song that you can hear on some of our videos, ‘Release The Bubbles (Wanna Be In Your Bubble)’, is all about our very own ‘philosophy of the bubble’, which has the following principles:

  • Everyone has an outer bubble, which is their world and their understanding of it – it is not our job to bring people to our bubble, but to find a way to understand theirs and respond to it – this is especially important when working with people on the autistic spectrum or other intellectual disabilities, but we believe everyone has the right to have their bubble taken seriously and with respect.
  • Everyone has lots of inner ‘idea bubbles’, bubbling away inside their heads – it is our job to release the bubbles and allow them uninterrupted freedom – there is an expression, ‘Catch a bubble’, which teachers have used to mean ‘close your mouth and listen’ – we believe we should be the ones catching the bubbles when others are releasing them.
  • Everyone has an ‘I Am’ bubble, which is their sense of self and their confidence – we believe we should help to grow these bubbles and shine a light on them.
  • Everyone has a protective inner bubble which, for those who have experienced trauma, is very tough and holds the darkness at bay or surrounds it and holds it in – we believe the ‘I Am’ bubbles can help to light up the darkness and make it diminish.
  • Everyone has speech bubbles, even those who can’t speak – some of us speak different languages, but we have a common language in artistic expression – we believe in speaking languages everyone can understand while learning each other’s languages.
  • ‘You’re havin’ a bubble’ is Cockney (London) rhyming slang for ‘You’re having a laugh’ (bubble bath = laugh) – we believe in havin’ a bubble.
  • The whole world is our collective bubble – we believe we should protect it and treat everyone and everything with equal respect.
  • This is not fake news, this is not psychobubble – we are Innabubble!