Current Show

The latest Innabubble live theatre show was called ‘Chasing The Tail’ and was due to have its first performances in libraries in March 2020. Unfortunately the coronavirus has delayed it indefinitely and some of the usual funding options are impossible, so an online fundraising campaign is under way to make it possible for the show’s materials and equipment to be covered and for us to bring the show back to you live.

If you’d like to donate (and get Skatz to sing for you live on Zoom) then click on this link

Plans are afoot to revive the show later in 2021 if we’ve managed to emerge from the pandemic in time. Finger’s crossed. And washed.

What’s the show about? Well…

‘Chasing The Tail’ is a tale as old as mankind. It’s about the seasons going round and round like a happy puppy and about what those seasons mean to children. What they look, sound, feel, taste and smell like. And how they are changing.

Innabubble Theatre Company’s latest show takes us on a journey through the senses to meet the Princess of Spring, the Master of Summer, the Shade of Autumn, the Ice Queen of Winter, and even Mother Nature herself. It’s an interactive song of the seasons that is both familiar and magical, in a language of the senses we can all understand.

Devised in the classrooms of four Kerry primary schools under the guidance of Innabubble’s experienced creative team, ‘Chasing The Tail’ is available for performances now.

If you would like more information about the show, how to book it, or technical requirements, use the Contact page on the top menu.

We would like to thank Kerry County Council’s Arts team for the financial support and enthusiasm that has made this project possible and helped to make Innabubble’s unique, entertaining and stimulating vision a reality.

In the slideshow below are pictures of the four banners depicting the seasons that are based on images drawn by students in the four Kerry schools. The two other pictures are of puppets, props and costumes hidden inside the revolving set.