The first show is sold out!

Brilliant news! The first show is fully booked out at Cahersiveen Library on Sat 15th June at 11am. The second show at 12.30pm still has seats available. Due to high demand we’re opening this show up to everyone. It was intended for a smaller, more intimate audience of children with intellectual disabilities. We’re still giving them priority, but we don’t want to turn other children away. Otto the Octopus and Sheah the Mergle wouldn’t like that at all!

Send us a message if you want to book seats. Do it quickly, the bookings are flying in!

Don’t forget there’s also a Meet The Puppets event on the same day at 3.45pm-4.30pm in Tech Amergin Arts Centre, Waterville. To book into that event you’ll need to call their box office on 066 947 8956.

Go Shave Your Head!

That’s right, Skatz is having his head shaved at a special music event on Friday March 29th to raise money for the latest sensory materials and equipment for the new show.

Follow/Like our Facebook page to follow news updates, pictures and videos of the great shaving. We will publish them on this site too.

The film is up online at last!

Thumbnail for promo

Hi Bubblers!

Our crowdfunding video, showing some of the multi-sensory ideas and techniques we will be using in our show ‘Spirit Of The Forest’ from September 2018 is now on our You Tube channel, and you can access it from our website too, as well as our crowdfunding page at

If you can be bothered to copy that link and paste it, go to our ‘Donate’ page from the menu and there’s a link all ready to click.

Share or donate or just gaze in awe, it’s up to you. Although the second one is our favourite, sharing and gazing are lovely too. Anyone who speaks glorious words of praise will find their rewards in some kind of kharmic way. I’m sure of it. Trust me, I’m a puppet-maker.

Harumph Needs You!

Harumph is on bended knee, pleading like a little pleading thing.

Not met Harumph yet? He has a video on our You Tube channel and Facebook page too. He’s our first puppet.

Why is he pleading? Because he wants to make friends.

‘How can I help?’ you ask.

That’s easy. Harumph most wants to meet people on the Innabubble tour. But he can’t, because we need donations to make the tour possible.

‘Where, oh where can I donate?’ you ask, implore and inquire.

‘Here, oh here!’ he replies. ‘Click on the link here

‘Did you know you can get Innabubble in your home too?’ he adds.


‘Oh yes…. oh reeeeeeeealy yes.’