There’s nothing quite like Innabubble Theatre Company in the whole of Ireland. Not only do we produce self-contained, engaging, exciting shows for children, but we are skilled in sensory theatre.

What makes us unique?

  • We create shows which are close-up, multi-sensory, fully immersive, and stimulating experiences for intimate audiences.
  • We specialise in engaging audiences whose ‘world bubble’ has been shrunk by society’s expectations about their limitations – for example, people with severe intellectual disabilities, dementia, or mental health difficulties, and young children. We believe in challenging those expectations by allowing them to interact on their own terms with the performers, props, environment, and puppets.   
  • We use sets, props and lighting designed to be transported in a small car but which unfold to create a magical world, and we tour around rural areas so that people who might not otherwise have easy access to theatre can be reached by our engaging and therapeutic work.
  • When playing to people with intellectual disabilities or dementia, the company rely less on verbal language to tell stories and more on using music, movement, puppets, colours, and other non-verbal forms of communication in ways which transcend differences in age, understanding, and ability.

Innabubble was formed in December 2017 by musician, actor, writer and former stand-up comedian Andrew ‘Skatz’ Scattergood.

Having worked as a musician and sensory performer for many years in the UK with people with intellectual disabilities, Skatz moved to rural Ireland in 2013, where he has been performing music, writing comedy plays, acting, singing for dementia suffers and running music sessions with groups of young adults with intellectual disabilities.

Innabubble’s vision is to invite everyone to wonder about the possibilities of sensory theatre and how it can be a powerful, stimulating and therapeutic artform.

Working with Skatz on the company’s latest projects is the highly experienced Sharon Costello, who runs her own speech and drama school in Tralee, County Kerry.