Welcome to Innabubble, the unique, multi-sensory theatre company, which has lately transformed into an online wellness hub for children, with our artists working online with schools to help their students and teachers find creative ways to boost self-confidence and their sense of wellbeing. We’re based in County Kerry, Ireland, but with the help of the lockdown and the internet, are reaching a much wider audience.

Innabubble’s artists use music, stories, puppets, textures, songs, lights, art, meditation and movement to tell stories, share creativity and encourage self-expression and wellness.

Our philosophy is that everyone has their own ‘bubble’ in which they experience their world and sense of self. It is our mission to light up that world in a fun, theatrical, immersive, therapeutic and stimulating way. And now with families and classes being isolated in their own bubbles, it’s more important than ever to bring a sense of togetherness to our world and to tell our own stories in ways that capture the imagination and set us free.

“I want to tell you about the day that Skatz stole my imagination and then gave it back to me only ten times better than ever before!”

From the workbook of a pupil at Milverton Primary School, Leamington Spa

The Imagination Thief!

The variety of projects for which we employed Skatz demonstrates both the high regard in which we hold him and his flexibility as an artist. His song writing is inventive and has enhanced all of the projects he has been a part of; it was universally acclaimed on the tour of ‘Crazy Hair’. His songs are tailored skilfully to each particular audience and have considerable charm and appeal.

His acting is also versatile. He has the ability to connect with the audience – whether they are from the general public or a group of learning disabled students.

In addition he is a thorough organiser and pays attention to detail.

Christopher Davies, Creative Director, Bamboozle Theatre

Skatz at Bamboozle

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